constructing structures – 2020

constructing structures, Coast Contemporary, Hovedøya, Oslo, Norway, 2020

Curatorial focus in 2020 is Age, and age in the art world, first and foremost from a female perspective.
Curated by Tanja Sæter.

Location 2020: Hovedøya Island in the Oslo fjord.
Dates: Conference 15-17 September. Exhibition to October 18.

Janine Magelssen works with wall objects, drawing and wall constructions. Sensual and sensible, the works consist of tranquil, white forms and lines that bridge the disciplines of drawing and sculpture.


In my artistic practice I work with how reduction and tactility meet in a common idiom. My designs are minimal and three-dimensional, allowing for a concentrated form without too many associations. The works activate the spatial sense and provide an abstract experience. Key words such as spatiality, tactility, visual sound, stillness, light, and shade are central. My work includes slightly three-dimensional, large reliefs (wall objects), subtle drawings with putty directly on the wall (wall constructions), objects, colour reliefs, and notation drawings. I would like the work to construct a room for the spectator, activating a sensation of presence and space.


Date: November 01, 2020