Area – 2008

Landart project Area, Stillscape, Esviken, Norway, 2008

Curator Kristin Ellefsen.  

In 2008 Kristin Ellefsen invited me to do a Landart project in the woods surrounding  the property; Esviken.  I made three pieces using wooden sticks and cones.  I worked very simple, constructing  geometrical shapes. The square and the circle holds a similar  patience and tranquility as nature and therefor interests me.

I also did a project with kids called “youngscape”, curated by Kristin Ellefsen.  We made a huge sun in front of the house at Esviken.

Kristin Ellefsen was the founder of Stillscape an initiative which focused on the theme “silence”, during a period of five years she arranged exhibitions, landart projects and concerts at Esviken, Asker, Oslo.





Date: December 05, 2012