apparently invisible – 2009

“Apparently Invisible”, Spring Selections show, The Drawing Center, New York, 2009

This exhibition was curated by Nina Katchadourian, Viewing Program Curator, The Drawing Center; Joanna Kleinberg, Assistant Curator,The Drawing Center; and Rachel Liebowitz, Curatorial Assistant, The Drawing Center.

Participating artists include: Susan Collis, Michaela Fruhwirth, Elana Herzog, Marietta Hoferer, Sarah Kabot, Anne Lindberg, Janine Magelssen, Chris Nau and Janet Passehl.

“The works presented in Apparently Invisible skirt the edge of perception, subtly recalibrating our experience of seeing. In some cases, the artworks are physically hard to see, and therefore require a very careful kind of inspection, a literal double take. In other works, the materials themselves have been so intricately worked and unconventionally applied that the objects they form become exceedingly difficult to distinguish. Although the artists featured in the exhibition deploy a diverse array of aesthetic strategies, all of them refer to traces of the drawn line as the basis for formal and conceptual explorations of optical experience.

Janine Magelssen (Oslo, Norway) uses the wall and floor as the backdrop for her installations of multiple, small white objects made from wood, putty, and chalk. These minimalist reliefs create barely visible lines and surfaces that bridge the disciplines of drawing and sculpture.  She builds up spare, rectilinear marks into reliefs and small sculptural forms that relate to one another and yet question their own legibility.”  Text from Drawing Papers 84

Date: December 09, 2012