extended drawing – 2011

  Text by artist and writer Anne Karin Jortveit BETWEEN THE LINES AND AT THE FRONTIER “That is the beauty of the drawing. Drawing opens our eyes and the eyes lead to our soul. What comes out is not at all what one had planned.”  – Louise Bourgeois. Grasping drawing The Greek word graphé means both to write and to draw. Graphé is like a nodal point in which various forms of narration come together in a way
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lines on the move – 2010

“Janine Magelssen´s three-dimensional wall drawings draw energy and a sensual seductive force directly from their radical reduction The starting point is a dialogue with the space, a quiet examination of protrusions, lines, irregularities and lightning conditions.  Such forgotten architectures of chance and signs of wear and tear offer a primary choreograph with which Janine Magelssen then engages via her unspe
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apparently invisible – 2009

“The works presented in Apparently Invisible skirt the edge of perception, subtly recalibrating our experience of seeing. In some cases, the artworks are physically hard to see, and therefore require a very careful kind of inspection, a literal double take. In other works, the materials themselves have been so intricately worked and unconventionally applied that the objects they form become exceedingly difficul
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