Critique in Taz.de – “Lines on the Move” The Drawing Biennial, Norway, 2010

Von der Wand gepurzelte Linien     BIENNALE DER ZEICHNUNG In der norwegischen Kleinstadt Moss zeigt die “5. Drawing Biennial” die spielerischen neuen Wege der Zeichnung   VON JULIA GWENDOLYN SCHNEIDER In einer imposanten Inszenierung ragt ein schwarzer Stamm in der Mitte der Ausstellungshalle vom Boden quer bis zur Decke. Wie aber passt das zur 5th Drawing Biennial, die derzeit in Moss unwe
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“White Noise”, by John Devine in ArtUS Magazine May, 2007

White noise, an installation at Art League, Houston by four Norwegian Artists – Lise Bjørne, Janine Magelssen, Øyvind Jørgensen and Nils Olav Bøe – combined visual art, movement and sound to evoke a post-Kantian mood of disquieting experience. Bjørne’s twentytwothousandeighthundredandsixtyseven (all work 2006), a complex curtain made of acupuncture needles knotted along floor-to-ceiling strands of fishing line, hooke
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“Between the Lines”, a critique by Anders Eiebakk, regarding my exhibition in Gallery MGM, Oslo, 2002

In one day, the number of photos we see is equal to the total number of paintings produced during the entire renaissance era. Janine Magelssen’s works remind us that the saying “you can’t see the wood for the trees” still holds true. The painter Paul Cezanne made the rhetorical claim that drawing was about what existed between the trees, and not about the trees themselves. The inspirer of the later movement of cubism
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